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 Advantages and disadvantages of split phase closed bus in power system
1 advantages

(1) to improve the reliability of power supply. Operating experience shows that due to external bare busbar and contact conductor interphase short circuit, causing a major 

accident. The isolated phase bus not only to eliminate the interphase short circuit accident caused by foreign object comes in contact with the different phase of charged 

conductor, but also effectively prevent the relatively short circuit caused by interphase short circuit fault; opportunities to at the same time, due to the closed bus insulator is not affected by dust and moisture, then fault of is also greatly reduced.
(2) due to the main busbar of shell magnetic field was almost the housing circulation of the shield, so in fact completely eliminates the bus near the steel induction heating problems, to avoid a large amount of electric energy loss, to improve the working conditions.

(3) greatly reducing the power of the bus. Due to the electric shielding effect of the outer shell, the electric power of the bus is greatly reduced when a short circuit fault is in short circuit, and only 20% to 30% of the bare bus bar can be reduced. The working conditions of the equipment (conductor, insulator, current transformer, isolating switch, etc.) are improved, so that the capacity of the equipment can meet the requirement of dynamic stability.

(4) operation safety and easy maintenance. The casing of the whole bus bar is basically equal potential, and the casing is provided with a connecting point, so that the operator can not be subjected to high voltage when the shell is close to the shell, and the daily maintenance workload is less.

(5) the installation of the workload is small. Enclosed bus bar is in manufacturing factory sets of good, transported to the site just to each segment of complete sets of prefabricated busbar connection can be assembled, thus accelerating the construction progress.